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Getting the compensation you deserve.

Many Payday Loans have been deemed "unaffordable" and shouldn't have been given to borrowers who are now due compensation. Let PaydayClaimHelp get this for you.

Easy Steps

Apply Online

First you allow us to talk to the Payday Lenders on your behalf

We Assess For You

We will assess whether you were mis-sold your Payday Loans

Claim Refund

We will engage the Payday Lender to recover any money due

How It Works

It's very simple. If your Payday Lender continuously rolled your loan over from month to month, with or without asking you permission, then unless they completed a full affordability check to see if the loan was right for you, they may have mis-sold that loan to you in those following months.

It doesn't matter if your lender only rolled your loan over for one month or for twenty months, they are required to complete a proper affordability check each time to assess that the loan is right for you and that you can afford it.

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Our Customers

We help borrowers recover money from Payday Lenders who broke the rules when they loaned them money without properly checking that they could afford the loans being given.

Refund Qualifications

You may qualify if you answer yes to any two of these questions:

Last 8 Years

Did you take out a payday loan in the last 8 years?

More than 1 month

Did you roll that loan from month to month for more than three months?

Multiple Loans

Did you have multiple payday loans at the same time?