New E-commerce module, new app pages and features

See it. Love it Purpose Website UI Kit

A unique and beautiful collection of UI elements that are all flexible and modular. A complete and customizable solution to building the website of your dreams.

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Landing Pages

Let's get started with one of these landing page examples.

Secondary Pages

Inner pages templates designed to cover a large number of purposes.

Account Pages

Pages designed for user registration, account administration and more.

Shop Pages

A complete e-commerce flow to integrate your online shop fast and easy.

*Good to know! You are not limited to the examples we've built. We have the liberty to choose any of the page layouts and components from the package and create your own version.

Build tools

Built for awesomeness

We use the latest technologies and tools in order to create a better code that not only works great, but it is easy easy to work with too.

Created with the latest technologies

We use the latest technologies and tools in order to create a better code that not only works great, but it is easy easy to work with too.

Built by developers for developers

You don't only need a theme, but also great tools in order to ease the process or building and customizing. And this is exactly what we offer you.

Made for great first impressions

Purpose is lighter and faster than most of the themes out there which means you get more for less. Check out the components and examples pages.

Complete features at your hand

Purpose is a great premium UI package including all the important and needed features so you can jumpstart the hard work and get right to the website creation fast and easy with more than 100 customized Bootstrap components and 15+ integrated plugins.

Customize with confidence

Customization has never been easier. Purpose has all the right tools in order to make your website building process a breeze.

Customize your website using Sass

/* Insert your brand's colors and the theme will adapt */

$primary:       #510FA8;
$secondary:     #f5f5fd;
$success:       $green;
$info:          $teal;
$warning:       $orange;
$danger:        $red;

After changing the Sass variables, simply rung the gulp command from your terminal and you're done. Learn more here

Make use of the pre-defined helper classes

/* Add a shadow effect with just one CSS class */
<div class="card shadow">

/* Add a smooth button animation on hover */
<a href="#" class="btn btn-primary btn-translate--hover">

Check out all the pre-defined modifier classes and see how they can help you. Learn more here

Really useful features

You get all Bootstrap components fully customized. Besides, you receive another numerous plugins out of the box and ready to use.

Latest Bootstrap Framework

We build responsive, mobile-first themes with the world's most popular front-end component library

Built with Sass (included)

Change one variable and the theme adapts. Colors, fonts, sizes ... you name it.

700+ Components

Nicely customized components that can be reused anytime and anywhere in your project.

Extended color palette

A beautiful color palette that can be easily modified with our nicely coded Sass files.

15+ Integrated Plugins

Get even more functionality with the ready to use plugins we have integrated in this theme for you.

Font and SVG icons

One nice collection of icons so you can add a more intuitive and playful touch to your website.

70+ example pages

We took a step further and created a set of 70+ pages for a variety of purposes that makes it the ideal point to start building websites of any kind.

6 months technical support

Use our dedicated support email to send your issues or suggestions. We are here to help anytime: [email protected]